Our Partners

We align with each of our partners on the core values that serve as the foundation for empowering seniors to connect with purpose and take control of their wellness.

Our team of healthcare, insurance, and technology experts collaborate with partners to leverage science in order to develop digital best practices for overcoming the problem of loneliness and isolation of today’s seniors.

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Our Value proposition

With a complete picture of our members, our platform is able to tailor engaging experiences that empower them to live better, more connected lives.

The Science Behind SecureSeniorConnections®

We take a two-fold approach toward solving the issue of senior loneliness and social isolation

First, we utilize member data to guide the design and functionality of our activities, enabling us to leverage:

Gateway Services

To connect members to social isolation and loneliness prevention/alleviation services

Direct Interventions

To prevent or alleviate social isolation and loneliness through personalized activities

Structural Enablers

To optimize how these services are delivered

The second approach we take is to serve as a laboratory established to further research loneliness and isolation among older adults. Through our use of the De Jong Gierveld Loneliness Scale and large platform membership and outcomes data provided by our partners, SecureSeniorConnections® acts as a promising test platform for validating existing preventive interventions as well as a catalyst for innovating new ones.

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Our digital offering brings a cost-effective suite of services that expands senior communities across the 50 states.

As a healthcare solution, SecureSeniorConnections® is a digital environment that results in healthier patients, as well as a healthier bottom line.

Our value to health providers includes

Online community

Improve patient acquisition


Increase patient retention

Member satisfaction

Boost patient satisfaction

Our value to payors includes


Having a positive impact on key quality metrics such as CAHPS & HOS


Attracting and retaining members

Member satisfaction

Increasing member satisfaction

Our valuable community partnerships include:

Senior male

Senior Centers


Area Agencies on Aging (AAA)


Senior living facilities

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