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Our growing company is dedicated to helping older people enjoy healthy, connected, and impactful lives.

At SecureSeniorConnections®, we make a conscious effort to apply core values to every facet of our company.

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In doing so, we successfully bring each of them into our platform and the experiences that seniors find meaningful:

Lead with empathy

Lead with empathy

Our first concern is always to meet the needs of others. Connecting with our members, co-workers, partners, and vendors right where they are, we begin with an expectation of positive intent.

Spark joy

Spark joy

Purpose-built, our company brings light and joy into people’s lives. This happens when we all commit to making our workplace more joyful for everyone who is a part of fulfilling our mission.


Achieve diversity and inclusion

Our platform is designed for people from diverse backgrounds and distant places to connect over shared interests and passions. Our team and experiences reflect diverse backgrounds and ideas that place us within a culture where we can bring our true selves to work every day. This is how together we are better.

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We all act like owners

We take responsibility, and we meet our commitments. We are accountable for our actions, taking ownership of all aspects of our business. The buck stops with all of us.


Honesty is our policy

We operate with integrity in everything we do. Enough said.


Have the courage to change

We are optimists who only look forward instead of dwelling on the past. We continuously innovate to better serve our members and will never believe good is good enough.


Join Our Growing Team!

We are mindful about changing lives and need people who want to use their skills and passion to develop our platform and find partners who want to redefine the aging experience with us.