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Our mission is to improve seniors’ health and wellness through activities, events and human connection backed by science.

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Social Connectivity helps seniors live their healthiest, most enjoyable lives.

Reducing loneliness is proven to lower healthcare costs by improving overall health and lessening the need for medication.

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SecureSeniorConnections® seniors find they are better together.

Our trusted, digital community for older adults focuses on bringing people together to improve wellbeing.

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We collaborate with older adults to develop an experience that fosters lasting social connection.

By instilling confidence in our members, we reduce isolation and empower them to own their journeys.

More than a social networking site

SecureSeniorConnections® understands what seniors need to feel valued. Beyond a digital experience, our platform engages older adults holistically, to address physical and emotional needs.

Improved social connection which is proven to reduce healthcare costs
Community-building activities that promote learning and new friendships
Programs that build member confidence in health-related conversations
Trusted relationships
Trusted relationships through shared experiences
Customer support
A dedicated support team our members can contact anytime
Improvement in Healthy Days measures, reduced loneliness, improved retention, impact on HOS/CAHPS scores
We share our mission with partners - to help improve the lives of all older adults
Encouragement for members to take specific health actions, improving wellness

This is a great venue to connect with others in the same situation. You’ll get to know many people from all over with similar interests and share and learn as you go.

Mary Mckenzie,
Lexington, KY
age 77

Since joining this website I am less alone. It has become a part of my life.

Samantha Wilson,
Worcester, MA,
age 82

Always loved my solitude but then SecureSeniorConnections® found me and filled a niche I didn't know was empty

Joey Mcgee,
Rochester, NY,
age 65

Diverse group of senior women laughing and hugging each other

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